• First and foremost we are an artist locator – our aim is to make it much simpler for clients to find you and view your work and full profile.
  • Clients wanting to find their perfect tattoo will do so by entering their chosen style(s) and distance from their location. If you fall within their parameters your best works will be displayed to them in the main gallery, alongside other artists.
  • Your name will be on every one of your main gallery images.  If a client selects one of these images they will be directed to your full profile where they can explore your portfolio and get to know more about you as an artist.
  • Remember to pick your best works for the main gallery by ticking the box above the image when creating your profile.  If you do not tick any images this will result in you not being displayed in the locator google search results or visible to clients so please remember to do so as vital.
  • We have a section called “Overlay” where we digitally superimpose whatever the client wants on to an image of them, helping them with the important decision. This is merely a style guide/ help function and works will not be copied.  From this process you will finally receive royalties; unlike at present, where clients search the net and find your image, don’t know who it’s by and print it off only to have it re-created elsewhere.


Searching the net for hours on end is now a thing of the past. We’ve all been there, wanting a particular style so you look at pages upon pages of images.  That’s great, but anything past that point is a headache, as once you find something you like it doesn’t tell you who is it by and where are they based.

  • Use our up-to-date locator and gallery where you can find the best artists, specialising in your chosen style and within your chosen distance from your location.
  • You will be shown images that you can select at any point which now  will then direct you to that artist’s full profile.  From here you can explore to your heart’s content…  get to know more about your artist, read up on them, watch videos, learn where they draw their inspirations from, view their entire portfolio, where they’re based, their opening times and any special offers.  Also, if they are not local, are they going to be guest spotting in the future closer to you where you can book yourself in?

Chosen an artist? Great!  Unsure on what style?  View their portfolio and use our Overlay service where we digitally add tattoo images you choose (from our site) to an image of yourself, helping you make up your mind before you book yourself in.  This service is only meant to give you an idea of how a certain style looks on you.  Please ensure that you then contact the artist directly so that they may design something specific to you.  This service also supports your chosen artist(s) as they will receive royalties.

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