About Us

Coming from a background in fine art and design, I had very clear ideas of the tattoos I wanted back in 2006/7 so I  turned to the internet as they were quite large ideas. I began my search which was to be the start of a very long and drawn out process. Firstly, I wanted to find artists who were fairly local to me, or at least within my own country, and whose work also matched the style in my head.

I soon realised it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.  After months of searching and finally finding images which were similar to what I wanted, it was exactly that, just an image and a bit of a dead end. Trying to find the artists behind them was nearly impossible and, once found through cross referencing multiple media sites, the artists usually turned out to be in another country. It became clear that information on the net was not up-to-date or artists had changed their locations or were merely guest spotting over here for a short period of time. Frustration ran high and my search continued. Many people would not go to the lengths which I did, which was to follow a lot of artists on multiple media sites for a very long time.  I continuously found myself asking – why is there not a website where you can simply select what you want and how far you are willing to travel, with results of artist names and their profiles displayed in one place?

…that’s when the idea for Tattoo Central was born!

My aim is to provide

  •  An artist locator service where clients can find artists by style and distance
  • An up-to-date site where artists’ work can be viewed and compared with that of other artists
  • A site where artists can showcase their work on a global and up-to-date website, allowing them to raise their profile and making it easier for potential clients to find them
  • A royalties scheme which allows artists to finally realise a justified return from their past work, not unlike how the music industry operates
  • A realistic and bespoke “Overlay” function to be used as a style guide, allowing clients to see how a particular style would look on their body before committing to the real thing

This is my vision – hoping to make both artists’ and their clients’ lives easier!

Edd Stanger

Tattoo Central

Tattoo Central